Why bother to pay marketing and management consultants tens of thousands of dollars to come up with a powerful brand image? Here are six websites that will automatically generate everything you need to make a big splash in the wondrous world of branding.

1. Create a Corporate Name

If you want to be visible nowadays, you want a corporate name that's got a high-tech flavor to it. Here's a quick way to find one: The Web 2.0 name generator.

2. Reserve Your Domain Name

Now that you've got your corporate name, you'll need to reserve the website URL so you can build your business out. I generally use: The Godaddy.com domain name search.

3. Create a Corporate Logo

You could pay a graphics designer thousands of dollars to create a corporate logo, but why bother? Instead, create your own: The cool logo generator.

4. Generate a Mission Statement

With a great name and logo, you'll soon be wanting to recruit some big-money investors. For that you'll need a mission statement: The corporate mission statement generator.

5. Generate a Marketing Message

You're almost there! Why spend hours and hours trying to write a marketing message when this program will do it for you: The corporate gibberish generator.

6. Build a Social Media Campaign

Now that you're up and running with a great new brand, here's an automatic way to generate Tweets guaranteed to win you visibility: The automatic tweet generator.

Voila! Other than the $12 or so it cost you to reserve your domain name, you're pretty much good to go - without spending big money on marketing.

Now ... Let's Get Serious

What's interesting (and even enlightening) about this "automated" method is that the results aren't all that much different from many companies actually use to market themselves.

Every day I see marketing messages and mission statements that are equally as opaque as the ones you just built. As for the corporate names and logos that come out of the process? Actually, they're not all that bad. (Usually.) I've certain seen worse-and from companies that paid big bucks to a marketing firm.

And the tweets? Yeah, I guess they're not all THAT professional, but look at the massive publicity Chrysler got when one of its employees got creative on Twitter! So go ye forth and tweet likewise ... if you've got the nerve.

Readers: Have a great holiday and don't take business too seriously!