If you read the Sales Source column regularly, you know that I like to highlight the very best ideas in sales and marketing.  So when an opportunity comes along to connect you with four of the smartest people in sales and marketing, I'm not going to pass it up.

Inc.edu, the online training branch of Inc. magazine, has put together a five-week training program called "Sales Accelerator" where you can acquire essential selling and closing skills, and create a sales strategy that will help you create opportunities for your product or service.

Inc. has outdone itself in recruiting four of the world's top sales and marketing experts, and I say that speaking as arguably the world's biggest "sales training" fanboy. Check out this roster:

  1. Marty Weintraub. Marty is probably world's top authority on personal branding. He's used his unique personality and challenging life experiences to create one of the most instantly recognizable personal brands in the business world. More important, he coaches individual, startups and huge companies on how to get create strong brands and to get the most out of the brand you already possess.
  2. Tom Searcy. Tom's specialty is helping sales professionals pursue huge opportunities with huge clients. I can't tell you how many times I've run into crazy-successful salespeople who've trained with Tom. In the Sales Accelerator program, Tom will be share his methodologies and processes for closing big accounts as a key part of building a growth strategy.
  3. Marla Tabaka. Marla helps people discover and define their true passion and values so that your business becomes a natural extension of who you are. Marla will help you determine the most urgent relationship development for short-, long-, and medium-term and create a plan to cultivate those relationships in a systematic and ongoing way.  Vital stuff.
  4. Helen Todd. Helen is the CEO of Sociality Squared, probably the world's best social media agency for integrated, cross-platform strategies. She'll explain how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms for client research, industry knowledge, and personal branding. She'll share simple techniques that will change the way connect to clients and customers.

You might have noticed that in the title, I promised four and half gurus. The half-guru would be me.  Those of you who read me regularly know that I'm certainly not a sales expert. I just write about stuff that interests me, which include sales and marketing.

Anyway, probably since I've been blogging on Inc.com since 2011, they asked me to host the Sales Accelerator program, so I'll be introducing the aforementioned gurus (I'm wicked excited about this) and also giving the kick-off session! (Yay!) 

In my session, I'll be talking about basic messaging (naturally). If you like this column or subscribe to my free newsletter, you'll love my session. And if you're serious about growing your sales, you'll sign up for the program, of course.

The Sales Accelerator is based on the wildly popular "Startup Accelerator" program. includes the instruction, course exercises, and even evaluation and advice from specially-trained coaches.  

I hope you'll join me in this opportunity to work with these exceptional sales celebrities in the first Sales Accelerator program.  Use the promo code "SalesSource" to get a discount when you ENROLL and get a discount on the tuition.