A while back, I posted the favorite quotes of 100 top entrepreneurs.  Here's the gist of another great infographic from the same folk, the marketplace lender Funding Circle.

By now everyone knows that exercise helps relieve stress, focus the mind and increase happiness.  Not surprisingly, great entrepreneur usually keep physically active.

The list below describes the workout routines of some of the most successful people in the world, along with rough estimates of how many calories they burn.

Your challenge is to pick the entrepreneur you'd most like to emulate in life and then design a workout routine to match. 

Extreme Exercisers

Rockstar Runners

Spiritual Stars

Cardio Champs

Weightlifting Winners

Note: the source for all these facts and figures are in the original infographic.  The statistics are, of course, only an approximation based on examples of the routines of each entrepreneur.  (In other words, we're haven't hacked their fitbits!)