It's no secret that getting a good night's sleep is essential to being your best when you're at work. People with high pressure jobs often have more sleep troubles than those who have regular jobs. With that in mind, here are sleeping tips from 7 CEO entrepreneurs:

1. Learn to meditate.

"When I'm getting ready for bed I usually begin to think about what I have going on the next day. My mind will then start racing about all I need to do to prep for meetings etc. In order to shut it off, I found that I needed to figure out a way to shut my mind off of work, so I turned to meditation to help me mindfully manage my thoughts. When I dedicate just 10-15 minutes towards meditating in a given night, I'm able to relax my mind to get a better sleep. I'm not quite disciplined enough to meditate every night so the other thing I do is read. It really helps calm my mind." -- Jeff Platt, CEO of SkyZone

2. Work out after work.

"As a CEO I always have my business on my mind. Trying to shut that off so that I can get some good shut eye has been a challenge but for me, working out consistently has helped. Making sure that I get in that afternoon SoulCycle class, paired with a healthy dinner, allows me to clear my mind after a day's work, which means I am able to fall asleep easier and usually, for longer. Even when my kids do come calling (or crawling into my bed) early in the AM, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day." -- Sabina Gault, CEO of Konnect Agency

3. Keep a regular schedule.

"I find my secret weapon is my routine. Getting up early, morning exercise, when I eat, and when I go to bed -- I try to keep these thing the same no matter what. My travel schedule might be nuts or my days might get crazy but if I can keep my routine, sleeping soundly and restfully is much easier.' '-- Ryan Farr, CEO of 4505 Meats

4. Shut down your electronics.

"Turn off the lights and block sources of light to get a good night's sleep. That includes lit-up radio displays and any bright lights shining into your window. Most people don't realize that exposure to light suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone that influences your circadian rhythm. And here's a bonus tip -- turn off your cell phone." -- Adrian Forsyth, Founder of Veeda.

5. Buy a sleep mask.

"We do business with over 110 countries which means I'm traveling at least 40% of the year. Between jet lag, different time zones, and the demands of my schedule, getting a good night's sleep can be challenging. Whether I'm at a hotel, at home or on a plane heading to my next meeting, I rely on the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask. It's adjustable to my face and gives total blackout from light." -- David Sternlight, CEO of Cabeau

6. Walk to a restaurant for lunch.

"I think the best way to achieve a good night's sleep is to stay as physically active during the day as possible. I've developed a daily routine of getting out and walking to local restaurants near the office. It forces me to get at least get a 20-minute walk in every day, which is especially beneficial when I'm unable to get in a formal workout. I find that even that little bit of activity can power me through the rest of my day and set me up for a restful sleep." -- Jeff Salter, CEO of Caring Senior Service

7. Read a good book.

"Try your best to turn off work mode an hour or two before bed. It's never easy to completely shut off but try and resist the urge to check emails and slack messages. My personal technique is to read a book before going to sleep. My current book of choice: Shoe Dog." -- Jordan Schau, Co-Founder of Pure Cycles