I'm a  big fan of the movie Joy because it's one of a very few Hollywood productions that actually embraces the idea that being an entrepreneur is a worthwhile and worthy goal.

I recently had the opportunity to interview the real-life heroine on whom the movie is based, Joy Mangano.  Rather than just do an interview and post a transcript, I thought it would be fun to turn it into a mini-podcast.

The resulting mini-podcast (think of it as a prototype) turned out pretty good, IMHO, although (as Larry pointed out later), I didn't do a very good job of helping Joy promote the BluRay release of the movie (which is why she was media-talking.)

I haven't done podcasts in a while, so I called up my friend Larry Jacobs, who in addition to hosting the Education Talk Radio podcast, was also my partner back when we had the talk radio program Funny Business on WRKO in Boston.

Anyway, have a listen:


Hey, if you like this podcast format (and the lighthearted tone), Larry and I can do more of them. The idea would be to have some fun with the gurus and CEOs and get them off message. Let me know what you think, in a comment or an email.