Below is an infographic from ContactMonkey, a company that tracks emails after they've been sent. The company analyzed 30 million emails and discovered that the best way to get an outside (sales) email opened is to look like it came from inside.

If an email Subject starts with "Re:" or "Fwd:"people are more likely to open it. In other words, "Subject: Re: Update" is far more likely to be opened than "Subject: Meeting Status Update."

While this is incredibly useful information, (Thanks, ContactMonkey!), you need to use it wisely. A prospect is likely to be annoyed if he or she opens an email thinking it's from inside the company but then discovers that it's just a sales pitch.

Therefore, I recommend that you only use this technique if your email is short and to the point. Remember, the goal is to get a response to the email, not to just get it opened. With that in mind, here are three posts to help you write a response-worthy email:

And here's the infographic:

 inline image


View original infographic post here at Contact Monkey

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