I've had several readers complain recently that they can't find a particular post or posts that are related. Because of this, I'm going to start a series of "how to master" posts that collect together the resources that I think are essential to a particular sales technique.

I'll start with the elevator pitch, since that's a skill that everyone (even non-salespeople) need to master. To start, here's an overview video that was taped last week at Inc.com headquarters in New York City:



As you can see from the video, your sales message is an essential part of the elevator pitch. I discuss sales pitches regularly in my free weekly newsletter and it was covered in some detail in my recent book "How To Say It: Business to Business Selling."

One post, in particular, is important for understanding, writing and delivering your elevator pitch: "How to Give a Flawless Elevator Pitch." That post reflects my current thinking on the subject and dovetails with the video.

Finally, there are these posts which fill in some of the details: A Simple Trick That Doubles Sales, How to Write a Better Elevator Pitch, and How to Write a Sales Email. (Sales emails have a similar structure and content as elevator pitches.

If I were going to sum up what's most important about elevator pitches is that they're short (just a few sentences), conversational (rather than "pitchy" if you know what I mean) and should be practiced until they feel completely natural.