Entrepreneurs are, of course, the real-life superheroes of the business world. However, if they were superheroes in comics and graphic novels, here's who I think they'd be:

1. Richard Branson = Green Arrow

Mane of hair? Check. Blond beard? Check. Billionaire? Check.

2. Tim Cook = Inspector Gadget

If you liked the iWatch, you'll love this!

3. Guy Kawasaki = Ash Ketchum

 inline image

If anyone can keep strange animals in line, it would be super-moderator Guy.

4. Marissa Mayer = Supergirl

You'd need to have serious super powers to juggle her complicated life.

5. Mark Zuckerberg = Jimmy Neutron

Boy genius. Need I say more?

6. Tony Robbins = Iron Man

I actually saw him fly a jet-pack. True story. Also he looks like Tony Stark.

7. Jessica Alba = Invisible Girl

Hey, wait a second...

8. Seth Godin = Prof. Xavier

Because he can definitely read your mind.

9. Jobs and Wozniak = Phineas and Ferb

They can invent anything, even in a garage.

10. Beyonce = Storm

Halle who?

11. Elon Musk = Speed Racer


12. Eric Schurenberg = Perry White

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Photo credits: All graphics and portraits (except #12) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Readers: Any further suggestions?