There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of business-oriented podcasts. Since your listening time is limited, how do you choose the best ones to follow?

Well, if you're a regular watcher of Shark Tank, the answer is simple. Follow these seven podcasts. All the rest are entirely optional. (Click on the titles to subscribe.)

Yeah, I know. Gary Vee's podcast is on everyone's list, but that's because he's really good at what he does. It's not just that he's been an entrepreneur himself. It's that he's able to understand people's situations and provide them the right advice at the right time. He's also entertaining, which helps you more quickly absorb what he's got to say.

It's been said that the only thing smarter than using other people's money to get rich is using other people's knowledge to become smart. This podcast features interviews with people who've been-there-done-that in the world of startups. The cast has hundreds (!) of role models from whom you can learn.

These shows are short, sweet, and to the point. The host, Harry Stebbings, although still in his teens, has been a startup geek for years, with a positive fanboy attitude that's refreshing when compared with the older generation, a.k.a. the Millennials. A perfect quick-listen when you don't have time to get into something deep and involved.

Now on its fifth season, Startup is not just a great podcast for entrepreneurs. It's an absurdly fascinating podcast in its own right. Rather than the usual how-to or interview format, Startup began by tracking the growth of the company that produces it, now known as Gimlet Media. Think of it as Serial meets Shark Tank.

This is another Gimlet Media show, but co-produced by eBay. It features lively discussions among people who are living through the process of starting and growing a company. Some episodes are recorded before a live audience, which gives the podcast an immediacy and energy not found in many others.

This podcast actually bills itself as (or rather quotes somebody saying that it's) "a better, more realistic version of Shark Tank." I simply had to include it here, even though it seems to have stopped production and hasn't dropped an episode since February. Even so, each episode is a gem and the feed is worth a binge-listen.

No, my editor didn't ask me to plug's podcast and, believe me, the people who do the podcast don't even know I exist. I'm including it here because I honestly believe that the Inc. team brings a unique perspective, if only because they're constantly exposed to so much original content from so many different contributors.