I recently explained why "relationship selling" (i.e., treating your customer right, even if you lose the sale) is the only ethical sales methodology during a pandemic. However, a hallmark of relationship selling is the close, which is typically done face-to-face and over drinks.

There are several good reasons why this is part of a relationship sales process. First, it's appropriate to celebrate an important event, and buying and selling something big is an important event. More important, the sensory experience of drinking together--especially something unusually good--causes your brain to associate additional pleasure to the act of doing business together.

The traditional "closing drink" is particularly effective, because it hits all five senses: 1) sight (like the color of an aged whiskey), 2) smell (like the aroma of a fine wine), 3) taste (obviously), 4) texture, in the feel of the liquid on the tongue, and finally 5) sound, which is the sound of your mutual voices toasting your mutual success.

However, with everyone under quarantine or shelter-in-place, it's impossible to have this all-important shared experience, right?

Not so!  In a recent "Ask Me Anything" session, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban suggested that if you previously conducted these crucial sales visits over a drink, you can still do this by having a matching bottle sent to your prospect with a request they drink it with you over Zoom.

This is a truly brilliant idea, because, even online, sharing a drink appeals to all five senses, because the drink is, well ... The drink and the sound of your voices raised in toast, why, that's just as good over Zoom as in person. Maybe better, because it's not in a noisy tavern or hotel bar.

BTW, there's no reason to limit yourself to alcohol. I have a colleague who happens to be Muslim and doesn't drink alcohol. However, it turns out that he, like me, is a bit of a coffee geek, so we've been sending our favorite varieties of coffee beans to each other. I'm sure that tea or even chocolate would work equally well.