To nobody's surprise, science has shown that women crave chocolate more than men. According to Psychology Today:

"Entire books have been written about the subject of women and chocolate cravings, surveys have shown that chocolate is the most craved food among American women, and researchers have found that comfort foods like chocolate can supply nutrients that keep a woman's hormonal system functioning properly and brain chemicals in balance."

Considering that, it's odd that only until recently have any of the world's major chocolate manufacturers have women in the corner office. While Moldelez (formerly Kraft Foods) had a female CEO until quite recently, firms more recognizable as chocolatiers, like Mars, Nestle and Ghirardelli, have male CEOs.

The same is true Hershey until Michele Buck took over as CEO and President earlier this year. Buck's taking the helm is a big deal because with $7.4 billion in yearly revenue, Hershey is #341 in the Fortune 500, only 32 of which have female CEOs. 

It's a big responsibility because Hershey manufactures much more than just their iconic chocolate bars. In addition to numerous sub-brands, Hershey own the boutique chocolatier brand Scharffen Berger and artisan jerky maker KRAVE.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Michele Buck how she's going to spend the first day of the new year. Here's how she replied:

"I wake up every day with gratitude and New Year's Day will be no different. I'll take time to reflect on 2017...becoming Hershey's first woman CEO changed my life, my family's story and Hershey's history. I'll then look forward to the new year with boundless optimism (I am an unabashed optimist!) I've already set clear goals for myself and my team. We're starting the year knowing what we must do to push our vision forward. In short, my focus and tip for the New Year are quite simple: Begin with gratitude and end with optimism."


BTW, when I mentioned to my wife that Hershey's CEO is an "unabashed optimist," my wife remarked: "Hey, if I ran a chocolate company, I'd be optimistic, too."

True dat.