Dear Tim,

Congrats on your recent announcement. I realize that a great deal of effort went into product development and market planning.

That being said, I was under-whelmed, so much so that I'm beginning to lose faith in Apple as an innovative company. I want products that amaze me and your recent announcements fall far short.

Apple can still be a groundbreaking company, but in order to return to innovative greatness, it needs to do something really dramatic. That's why I'm writing.

Tim, I want you to make the Macintosh, the iPad and Apple TV obsolete. I also want you to prevent car manufacturers from making automobiles "smarter" (i.e. less usable).

Rather than asking people to buy multiple computers and keep them all in sync, I propose that you expand the iOS architecture so that the only computer anyone really needs is an iPhone.

More specifically, I want you to start with the current design of the iPhone and make THAT the core of all my computing needs. Here's how I'd like this to work. (Note: please excuse my artwork; I'm a writer not an artist.)

Step 1: Create a Great iPhone (Done!)

While I'm not crazy about the patch-cord that provides backward compatibility for wired headsets, I'm delighted with the current iPhone environment... except that I still have to futz with other computers.

Look, I want just one copy of my data--on my iPhone--and a backup copy on the cloud. I don't want to worry about whether my data is synced with my desktop, laptop, tablet, or anything else.

I also don't want to learn multiple versions of the apps I need to work or to be entertained. I want one version and I want it to run on my iPhone. In short, I want you to make everything else obsolete. If you're interested, read on...

Step 2: Make the iPad obsolete.

Sometimes I want a bigger screen, usually to watch movies or read books. Indeed, for a while I had both an iPhone and an iPad just for that purpose.

However, I do not really want another computer; I just want a bigger screen. Rather than an iPad, I would like to dock my iPhone in the back of a bigger screen and just have the display work.

This would take less power than running two devices and would make syncing (which is a big pain) unnecessary. Scaling to a higher resolution should be trivial; you do that anyway inside the current devices.

Step 3: Make the Macintosh obsolete.

Tim, I know you love the Macintosh. I'm rather fond of Macs myself. I was once the only guy in an organization of 250 people who had a Mac.

However, while OS X is far more secure and stable than Windows, it's still massive technological overkill for 99% of what 99% of what people do with computers.

While supporting OS X is far less effort than supporting a Windows machine, it does consume time. And trying to keep everything synced with an iPhone, iPad, iMac and iBook is a massive effort.

Indeed, syncing is a massive effort for little effect. Why do I need multiple copies of the same data? I don't. To make matters worse, Apple keeps failing spectacularly with its syncing apps. iTunes on the Mac is a pig's breakfast.

Frankly, the OS X/iOS dual environment with its awkward syncing routines is an obvious kludge, full of unexpected behaviors. You know it. I know it. Even the Apple fanboys know it, although they'll never admit it publicly.

Rather than hassling with and supporting multiple devices, I just want to dock my iPhone in a big screen and then be able to get work done using a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

Same thing with the "iTablet" (see above) that would replace the iPad. I want to use a keyboard and a mouse so that I don't have to carry around another computer. You've already moved in that direction with the iPad Pro with stylus support.

So take the real leap. Support a mouse in iOS. Make it a PC killer (which means killing the Mac, too.)

Step 4: Make Apple TV obsolete.

When I watch TV on a huge screen, I don't want a separate device with a different interface and yet more syncing and downloading. It's too much hassle.

I really just want to plug my iPhone into the TV and have it work. No additional logons, no hassle, no muss. The big screen just does what it's supposed to do.

Rather than a remote, I'd like to control the TV (like change channels and volume) with an Apple Watch. Of course, I can still make calls (wireless earbuds, right) and interact with other people online.

That's the beauty of having multiple CPUs... especially when there's a power source. There's plenty of CPU bandwidth to go around. Why not let us use that extra compute power to make our lives simpler?

Step 5: Make automobile computers obsolete.

Finally, Tim, I'd like you to head off the disaster that's happening in automotive computing.

Right now we've got car makers hiring 10th rate programmers, who are implementing difficult-to-use, badly-supported, easily-hacked on-board systems. It's a nightmare!

I do not want my automobile controlled by whatever crap system Ford or Toyota can build, any more than I want to use the gawd-awful GPS systems they build into them. Car makers have no business building computers. Period.

I want to my good ol' iPhone to do the computing work in my car, connect to the Internet, provide GPS, tell me where to find gas or food, etc., etc. All I want my car to do is put the heads-up display on the wind shield.

It's likely that at least one of the big car companies is willing to realize that they're creating massive headaches for themselves by pretending to be high tech. Whoever supports the iPhone dock first will have a huge competitive edge.

So that's it. I want one computer. No syncing of multiple copies of the same data. No multiple versions of the same app to learn. No arcane decades-old operating systems to support. No weird and counter-intuitive "say whut?" moments.

Is that really too much to ask?

Of course, I realize that "eating your own young" would be financially painful. But, seriously, don't you get just a little bit tired of milking the same cash cows? I mean, doesn't all this incremental stuff (".01mm thinner!!!!!") bore you?

Why not do something really revolutionary? Make the iPhone into the only computer that anyone really needs. Tim, only you can do this. Amaze us.



PS (I'm pretty sure that the above is what Google will to do, if you don't get there first.)