As I pointed out earlier in the week, the human brain is more powerful than all the digital computers in the world combined. Here’s an incredibly easy way to harness your massive brainpower to help you make the best decisions.

According to a recent study at Harvard University, if you focus on a problem just before going to sleep, your brain will often come up with the best answer and reveal it to you in a dream.

This is not a joke. Far from it. Some of the world’s most important scientific innovations resulted directly from such dreams, including:

  • The discovery of the Scientific Method (René Descartes)
  • Proof that our nerves transmit signals chemically (Otto Loewi)
  • Major advances in theoretical mathematics (Srinivasa Ramanujan)
  • The chemical structure of benzene (August Kekulé)
  • The theory of natural selection (Alfred Russel Wallace)
  • The invention of the periodic table (Dmitri Mendeleev)

Similarly, a number of famously innovative people have used dreaming to create some of their best work, including Salvador Dali, Christopher Nolan, Paul McCartney, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nikola Tesla.

While I obviously don’t rank myself anywhere near those greats, I personally and frequently have used productive dreaming in my daily work.

Sometimes while writing, I get a sense that I’m missing something or that there’s something “off” about my approach. I move to my easy chair and take a quick nap. Five or 10 minutes later, I wake up knowing exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

The power of productive dreaming works just as well or even better when you’re sleeping at night. Simply focus on the problem, and there’s a good chance you’ll have a dream that suggests the best answer.

The ability to harness your massive brainpower so effortlessly absolutely belongs in the toolkit of every entrepreneur and businessperson.