Earlier this week, I explained how to think like a billionaire. However, I've observed that many billionaires don't seem to be very happy, probably because their money tends to make them more selfish.

I think that a major source of happiness is giving to other people especially your time and energy, since those are limited resources. The gift of time and energy is nothing less that gift of a part of your life on earth. And that's priceless.

Amazingly, you can give that priceless gift to anybody, anytime that you want. Here's how:

1. Make eye contact.

When you avoid another person's eyes, you're telling them that they don't matter. But when you make eye contact, especially with a smile, you're telling them they exist and are important in your world.

2. Be polite.

Courtesy seems like such a small thing and yet the lack of it wounds everyone. Even when emotions run high, you still have control over your actions and what comes out of your mouth. There's never a reason to be rude.

3. Be present.

If your mind is somewhere else, you're not really giving a gift of your time and energy. Spending time with a person when you're not really there is like giving somebody a wrapped but empty box.

4. Listen carefully.

To make listening into a true gift turn off your internal dialog. Give the other person your full focus. Strive to understand fully and completely what they're trying to say; you'll be surprised how much you learn.

5. Don't interrupt.

When you interrupt, you're telling the other person that what they're saying doesn't really matter to you. When you hear people out, they feel as if they matter. 

6. Show patience.

If you're quick-witted, it's easy to get impatient with those who struggle to get to the point or who can't fully form or articulate their thoughts. Give them the time they need.

7. Judge slowly.

You never know what another person has gone through to get to where they are now. Snap judgments sell them short, and impoverish you both. 

8. Forgive quickly.

Human beings are deeply flawed. Even you. They're going to make mistakes, say dumb or mean things, create unnecessary hassles. Holding a grudge just makes it worse.

9. Express gratitude.

If somebody does you a kindness or helps you out in any way, they deserve your thanks, even if it's their job. Expressing gratitude won't just make your happier, it will make the entire world a better place.