Well, 2020 marks the tenth year that I've written "Sales Source" for Inc.com. I've posted approximately 1,880 blog posts. Inc.com likes to call them "columns" a term that goes back to when a newspaper columnist (again) would write a piece to fit a column on a page.

Anyway, those 1,880 post average about 500 words each, which comes out to roughly a million words. Add in the five years that I wrote the "Sales Machine" blog and that makes a total word-count of about 1.4 million words, the equivalent of roughly twenty-eight business books.

Most of those years (at least since 2009), I've averaged around million views each month, which is quite a bit for a business-oriented blog, although I'm pretty sure that Inc.com has columnists that significantly outperform that. I'm a bit in awe of them, frankly.

Anyway, since I've been writing Sales Source (oops, I mean column) for almost a decade, I looked over various reports and determined what I think are my most popular (i.e. got a lot of views). I picked the top 21 because--blogging tip--weird numbers, for some reason, get more traffic.

Maybe I should write a column containing all my secrets for writing a successful blog. In fact, I'll definitedly do that, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are the 21 most popular Sales Source posts: