Sad to say, many companies are canceling their work-from-home policies. Instead, they're demanding employees commute to a centralized open plan office. To make matters worse, some companies now have "hot desks" where nobody even has their own work area.

As I've pointed out previously, there is broad scientific consensus (based upon peer-reviewed research) that open plan offices and hot desks massively decrease, rather than increase, both productivity AND collaboration.

That productivity loss vastly outweighs the cost-savings from cramming more workers into a smaller space, even in areas where office rents are high. But even if the cost-savings were huge (which they're not), work-from-home is cheaper still

From the perspective of the CEO, allowing employees to work from home either part time or full time thus has an enormous financial advantage. Just as important, working from home makes work more pleasurable and less of a pain. Here's why:

  1. You can collaborate without leaving your desk or disturbing everyone else.
  2. You can spread out your work without intruding on other people's workspace.
  3. You won't get a headache from the pressure of a noise-canceling headset.
  4. You never, ever have to get into one of the horrible little phone booths.
  5. Co-workers can't intimidate you by violating your physical space.
  6. You can get work done when you're ready to get that work done.
  7. You have a plausible excuse for skipping useless meetings.
  8. You never have to smell someone else's tuna casserole.
  9. You don't have clean up somebody else's mess in the break room.
  10. You're less likely to be asked for a contribution for so-and-so's wedding.
  11. You aren't forced to listen to irrelevant conversations.
  12. You can turn off your phone and computer if you need to concentrate.
  13. Nobody will ever comment on what you're eating or your weight.
  14. You don't catch whatever illness is "going around" the office.
  15. You don't have to hear or smell other people passing gas.
  16. You can eat a snack whenever you want.
  17. You can play a computer game (or whatever) to reset your brain.
  18. You can read a book while teleconferencing into a dull meeting.
  19. You don't have to feel uncomfortable if you're gassy.
  20. You can call your friends and family and have nice long chats.
  21. Nobody will accuse you of inappropriate web browsing.
  22. You can splurge on a huge screen and not be the target of secret envy.
  23. Energy vampires can't suck your energy through the phone.
  24. You get to use your own private restroom.
  25. You can ring your own doorbell to interrupt a boring call.
  26. No commute time is effectively a 20 percent raise in your pay.
  27. You can dress down; in fact, you can wear PJs all day.
  28. You can smoke whenever and whatsoever you want.
  29. You can set the room temperature for what's comfortable for YOU.
  30. You can have your pet in your office without setting off co-workers' allergies.
  31. You don't have to clear some idiot's paper jam.
  32. You can job search without being sneaky about it.
  33. You can run your side hustle without breaking stride.
  34. You're much less likely to be sexually harassed.
  35. You won't get drawn into the drama of office politics.
  36. You'll be judged on your work rather than your punctuality.
  37. No cheesy motivational posters.
  38. You can make REAL coffee instead of that coffee-pod dreck.
  39. You can set your lighting however you like it.
  40. You can play music without having to wear headsets.
  41. Nobody will suggest you wear sound-deadening horse blinders. (Yes, this is a thing.)
  42. You work outside whenever you want (weather permitting).
  43. You make real friends rather than work friends.
  44. You'll barely notice your co-workers' passive aggression.
  45. You won't get a headache keeping your eyes from rolling.
  46. Working from home drives all the control-freaks crazy.
  47. You have control over your schedule and therefore your life.