Dear Santa:

I been pretty good this year, so I'm going to ask for a lot, but they're all things I could really use in the month ahead.

1. Humility.  Please give me the ability to put my own contributions into perspective and remember that, without employees, there would be no bosses nor would any work get done.

2. Clarity.  I don't want my team guessing about what I really want them to accomplish, so please give me the ability to direct their activities in clear, simple sentences that everyone will understand.

3. Forbearance.  When I feel that I can do a certain job better than the team member to whom I've assigned that job, I tend to micro-manage, so please give me the wisdom to coach when asked but otherwise avoid interfering.

4. Perspective. Please help me to keep my expectations and plans reasonable, to give my employees sufficient time to get the job done, and to assign the right tasks to the right people.

5. Confidence. I realize that, for my team to be really successful, I'll need employees who are smarter than me on my team.  So please give me the confidence to value myself even when I'm not the most talented person in the room.

6. Insight. I realize that everybody possesses unique talents that might be hidden or overlooked.  So please give me the ability to discover those talents and put them to use, even when the employee isn't fully aware of them.

7. Fairness.  Since I'm human, there are some employees whose personalities I enjoy better than others, so please help me be impartial, and to give a fair hearing to those whom I secretly find grating.

8. Foresight. I already have a pretty good idea where my team needs to go, but I can always use a bit more of that "vision thing." So if it's not too much bother, could you stuff just a little bit more of it into my stocking?

Thanks for reading this note, Santa. I realize that I've asked for a lot, but if you bring me all these gifts, I promise to be extra good next year.

The Boss

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