In previous posts, I've provided infographics for how to be a better manager, how to get your emails opened and how to find  the right amount of stress to be productive.  Today, I'm posting something a bit more lighthearted.

This infographic from  identifies many of the "major firsts" that created the Internet that we know and love (and loath) today.  At the bottom of the graphic, I added a few more "major firsts" that might have been included.

Some Additional Major Firsts

1894: First funny cat video. (OK, not originally online, but still...)

1918: First wireless telephone (on trains in the U.K.)

1972: First product sold online. It was a bag of marijuana.

1981: First person dies as the result of nonstop video game play.

1983:  First Web-based computer hackers arrested by the FBI.

1993: First pornography available through Gopher FTP protocol.

1995: First phishing scam (email posing as AOL admin).

1999: First Internet-fueled hoax (Y2K) wastes over $300 billion.