If you're an entrepreneur, one of your most important tasks is building your brand. By far the most important element of branding is creating the best possible experience for your customers and, if you have them, your employees.

However, the physical manifestations of your brand--your name and (if you have them) your logo and tag line--are also important, because they can and should trigger and reinforce the positive emotions that you've worked so hard to create.

That's why it drives me crazy when I go to a conference (or anyplace that entrepreneurs gather) and see otherwise sensible businesspeople wearing hats, shirts, jackets and backpacks emblazoned with brands that don't belong to them.

I've seen entrepreneurs wearing consumer brands, vacation brands, sports brands, and even brands belonging to their competitors. WTF?

I can understand why people who don't have a life beyond what they consume would stick brands all over themselves as a way of establishing a borrowed individuality. But entrepreneurs??

Why in the name of Sam Hill would any sane entrepreneur willingly provide free advertising for anything other than his or her own company or (if you're one-person shop) his or her own personal brand?

It's crazy, especially when you can create your own swag with programs like CafePress. Wear what you want at home, but when you're in public, you should be wearing only ONE brand: your own... or wearing no brands at all.