Last week, I posted the most motivational books ever written. Today, I'm posting videos that will inspire and motivate you each time you watch them. Enjoy!

1. Dream

In order to achieve great things, you must first believe in yourself and then have a dream big enough to motivate you.

2. The Last Lecture

Even if faced with terminal cancer, it's possible to find and celebrate the joy in your life.

3. Remember Me

When all is said and done, being human--exactly who you are--is more amazing than all the technology in the world.

4. Look Up

Don't let yourself by hypnotized by technology. Be in the moment and experience the wonder of direction connections.

5. Why We Do What We Do

If you understand why you're motivated and inspired, it's easier to become motivated and inspired. Tony Robbins explains it all.

6. Amazing Grace

The classic spiritual hymn rendered a cappella by the amazing and always creative Jesse Campbell.

7. Never Quit

Regardless of the obstacles that life throws your way, if you continue to pursue your dreams you will get results.

8. The Surprising Science of Happiness

Dan Gilbert challenges the idea that we'll be miserable if we don't get what we want and explains how to feel truly happy even when things don't go as planned.

9. Why Do We Fall?

Ever wonder why some people eventually succeed while others continually fail? This short video explains why.

10. Unbroken

Dedication to your goals keep you moving forward, even if you encounter obstacles.

11. Prove Them Wrong

Use the negativity of others to push yourself beyond the limitations they attempt to set for you.

12. How Bad Do You Want It?

Sometimes it's just a matter of wanting success so badly that you'll do whatever it takes to win.

13. Excuses

Even if you've got an uphill battle to fight, you keep fighting. Because if you just give up, you've lost.