How much is a single sentence worth?

Quite a bit. I've many times created email marketing messages (1 or 2 sentences) that have generated millions of dollars in new business for my clients.

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The messages I write for clients, though, are very specific to their business, industry and customer base.  

What about something that would work for everyone?

Well, it turns out that I have a "networking" sentence (a question actually) that has laid the foundation of most of my most valuable business relationships.

This simple question has connected me, immediately and on a personal level, with some of the world's most famous gurus, CEOs and business celebrities.

And that question is: What do you love best about your job?

Ask that question of a harried executive and she'll pause, smile and talk about what makes her happy.  And thus give you the key to making her happier.

Ask that question of a potential customer and you'll discover what motivates him to do a good job. And thus inform you how to help him do a better job.

Ask that question of a hiring manager and you'll learn what she likes about candidates. And let you know how become her most memorable interview.

Ask that question of a reporter and he'll share kind of story he really enjoys writing.  And then you'll know how to pitch your story right.

Ask the question of your employee and you'll learn what you should do more as a manager and, by implication, what you should do less.

Ask the question of a fellow conference attendee, and you'll discover the other person's dreams and know whether this is a relationship worth pursuing.

Ask that question of anybody, and you've directed their attention to what's positive in their life.  The question itself is a gift of positive emotion.

I have used that question to bring a smile to the face of people who look as if they've got the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I am absolutely certain that since I started using this networking question 20 years ago, it has created at least $1m in additional revenue.

The question always works because the human brain must and will answer any question it's asked.  Ask what you love and you brain will find something.

Which leads me to the real, secret power of this question.  Yes, it's an incredibly powerful networking tool.  But it's so much more than that.

It's a way to transform your life for the best.  Ask that question of yourself, every day, every hour.

You'll be amazed at how much easier you'll find everything when you're constantly focusing on what you truly love.