has been running a great series on the coolest offices in the world, so I thought it might be fun to look at the coolest offices that don't actually exist in the real world. Here are my top 10 (further suggestions welcome).

10. 221B Baker Street (Sherlock)

While having a messy office/roommate can be a hassle, there's a real advantage to working with somebody who can solve any problem whatsoever almost immediately. Not to mention a steady stream of hot tea from the incomparable Ms. Hudson.

9. Sunnydale School Library (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

If you're saving the world from incoming apocalypses, you need a place to relax, research, and avoid homework. The fact that Scooby lair is atop a hellmouth is a disadvantage but think of the bright side: it's not in Cleveland!

8. The Bat Cave (Batman v Superman)

According to one estimate, Batman's secret lair cost at least $600 million to build. The results are worth it, though. Plenty of space for gadgets, trophies, and computers, not to mention world's most convenient parking space.

7. The Enterprise Meeting Room (Star Trek)

As I've pointed out previously, Star Trek is a role model on how to conduct effective meetings. But no wonder they're so productive: cozy chairs, a cool table, and a view that quite literally goes on forever.

6. Q's Lab (James Bond)

After hassling with the local IT help desk, what would be cooler than having a brilliant sidekick who always had the latest and greatest tech, perfectly matched for your next mission. And it always works, too!

5. Dumbledore's Office (Harry Potter)

The Hogwart Headmaster's office is the typical magician's lair, full of books and mysterious objects, but what really make it special is an entryway guaranteed to overawe just about any visitor.

4. Dunder Mifflin (The Office)

OK, maybe Dunder Mifflin isn't exactly the coolest place to work, but it's definitely not boring, at least in the conventional way. The only real questions, I suppose, is whether it's fictional enough to qualify for this list.

3. The New York Inquirer (Citizen Kane)

Newspaper bullpens perhaps aren't the most user-friendly workplaces, but when you clear the desks aside, break out the booze, and bring on the dancing girls, you can throw one heck of a party.

2. Mr. Universe's Command Center (Serenity)

Basement-dwelling nerds the world over drooled when they saw the ultimate office and "man cave" for socially awkward men who want nothing more than to be permanently plugged into the Web.

1. Miranda Priestly's Digs (The Devil Wears Prada)

Whether you're planning your next business coup or making a new underling squirm at the thought of her own inadequacy, this is ultimate Manhattan office for the ultimate Manhattan power player.