LinkedIn is all about career and business. Because of this, it's usually a mistake to use the same profile photo that you use for, say, Twitter or Facebook. On LinkedIn, you want to look professional rather than, well, overly original.

With that in mind, I paged through over a thousand LinkedIn profiles to see what worked and what didn't. Here ten that, in my view, are truly epic fails. I don't know how long they'll remain live, so check them out quick.

Note: until a few years ago, my LinkedIn photo was this spiky haired monstrosity. I point this out so that anyone who might take offense at this post realizes that my judgment when it comes to matters photographic is questionable to say the least.

1. The Ancient Nudist

I sincerely hope that this guy is wearing a toga or something because the complete image it conjures is seriously disturbing.

2. The Parrot-head

It's hard to imagine why somebody would have a LinkedIn photo that looks like a screen shot from an amateur music video of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

3. The Chameleon

Portraits against a blank wall, arms at the side, staring into the camera are all pretty awful, but in this case, the guy looks like an illustration of the old saying: "Middle managers don't die, they just fade into the background."

4. The Zombie

The combination of lighting and skin tone make this guy look like he's auditioning for a bit part in The Walking Dead.

5. The Grabber

All this photo needs is a thought balloon over the guy's head saying "Guess where my other hand is!"

6. Lobsterhead

I guess you sorta hadda be there to understand this one.

7. The Smokestack

Apparently she thought that nothing said "hire me" like a fine cigarette.

8. The Overcompensator

If you're determined to use a prop to show your originality, you might want to use something that doesn't make you look like someone who might go postal.

9. The Nit-Picker

The hand-on-chin photo is what 3rd rate wedding photographers think is a "business-like" pose. It's always corny, but in this case it looks like an act of personal grooming.

10. The Crappy Logo

This logo looks like crap. Literally.