Every year, I identify the best newly-published books in several categories, culminating with a "best of the best" top 10 list on December 15th.  Here are the five books published in 2015 that, IMHguyO, that every woman should read:

1. My Fight / Your Fight

Author: Ronda Rousey with Maria Burns Ortiz

5 Second Summary: An Olympic medalist and professional fighter describes her journey to becoming the "toughest woman alive today."

Why Women Should Read It: Rousey's determination in the face of enormous odds is inspirational for women looking to thrive in the business world.

Why Men Should Read It, Too: That Rousey could easily beat the living crap out of you provides a perspective on so-called male "superiority."

Best Quote: "Life is a fight from the minute you take your first breath of the moment you exhaled your last. You have to fight the people who say it can never be done. You have to fight the institutions that put up the glass ceilings that must be shattered. You have to fight your body when it tells you it is tired. You have to find your mind when doubt begins to creep in. You have to fight systems that are put in place to disrupt you and obstacles that are put in place to discourage you. You have to fight because you can't count on anyone else fighting for you. And you have to fight for people who can't fight for themselves. To get anything of real value, you have to fight for it."

2. Thrive

Subtitle: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

Author: Arianna Huffington

5 Second Summary: After a fall resulting from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, Huffington experiences an epiphany that true success means creating cherished memories and having lifelong passions.

Why Women Should Read It: For centuries, men have defined success as the acquisition of wealth and power. This book holds out the hope that perhaps women don't need to follow suit.

Why Men Should Read It, Too: Nobody ever said on his deathbed: "I wish I had spent more time at the office."

Best Quote: "If we let it, Technology can also add a lot of noise and distraction that get in the way of our most fundamental creative capabilities-instead of freeing us, it can consume us. What we're beginning to recognize now is that success is not always about doing more, but also about doing better-and we do better when we are connected to our inner wisdom, strength, and intuition."

3. Headstrong

Subtitle: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World

Author: Rachel Swaby

5 Second Summary: Engaging biographies of women who have changed the course of science and technology over the centuries.

Why Women Should Read It: Young women are often discouraged from entering the STEM disciplines. These inspiring stories illustrate that, when it comes to innovation, women and men equally capable.

Why Men Should Read It, Too: The difficulties many of these women faced--simply because they weren't men--puts perspective on how unconscious gender discrimination holds back women today.

Best Quote: "By treating women in science like scientists instead of anomalies or wives who moonlight in the lab, as well as correcting the cues given to girls at a young age about what they're good at and what they're supposed to like, we can accelerate the growth of a new generation of chemists, archaeologists, and cardiologists why also revealing a hidden history of the world."

4. Men Explain Things To Me

Author: Rebecca Solnit

5 Second Summary: Seven short, readable and scathingly funny essays about the way men and women attempt to communicate.

Why Women Should Read It: You'll realize that, no, you aren't crazy and, yes, those men really are discounting what you say simply because you're female.

Why Men Should Read It, Too: After reading this book, you'll more easily recognize when you're "mansplaining" and avoid making a fool of yourself.

Best Quote: "That I was indeed the author of the very important book it turned out he hadn't read, just read about in the New York Times Book Review a few months earlier, so confused the neat categories into which his world was sorted that he was stunned speechless-for a moment, before he began holding forth again. Being women, we were politely out of earshot before we started laughing, and we've never really stopped. I like incidents of that sort, when forces that are usually so sneaky and hard to point out slither out of the grass and are as obvious as, say, an Anaconda that's eaten a cow."

5. Overwhelmed

Subtitle: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

Author: Brigid Schulte

5 Second Summary: A set of practical techniques for creating a life of less stress and more leisure, based upon actual experience inside companies and other cultures, and among working couples.

Why Women Should Read It: Most time management books are theoretical bunk written by men who have wives that keep their lives running smoothly. This book is practical and real-world.

Why Men Should Read It, Too: This book is as relevant for Dads as for Moms. If you're struggling to balance family and work, this book is a must-read.

Best Quote: "how the ancient Greek philosophers envisioned leisure. To them, living a life of leisure was the highest theme of a human being. True leisure, the Greeks believed, free from the drudgery of work, not only refresh the soul but also opened it up. It was a time and a space where one could be the most fully human."

Best Books of 2015 (So Far)