Three weeks ago, I asked readers "8 Words or Less: What's Unique About You?" I received over a hundred responses. With great effort (because there were a LOT of good messages) I've whittled the list down into what I feel are the 10 best:

  1. Develop your emotional intelligence--create a new you.
  2. Engaging a community to change the world.
  3. Engaging, touching the heart and helping you transform.
  4. Eschew norms and bring zeal into everyday life.
  5. Forgo instant gratification to build a lasting relationship.
  6. I aim to synchronize people, dreams and worlds.
  7. I simplify sales communications to unlock selling time.
  8. Making companies greater than they thought possible.
  9. Partnering with horses to help your business prosper.
  10. Unlock the relationship code. Win business without selling.

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My selection criteria

I looked for brand messages that weren't just informative but also intrigued me and wanted me to find out more about the person or company. I also looked for messages that didn't seem to retread what's been said too many times before.

For me, personally, a big takeaway was that short brand messages, though difficult to write, are extremely important.

As I point out in the post "Brand Loyalty Is (Almost) Dead" the online world is becoming filled with "Brand SPAM." One of the ways to cut through the noise is to have a brand message that's truly memorable.

Ideally, brand messages should be part of an overall brand development plan, as I discussed here. These short messages are invaluable when writing sales emails.