Over the years, I've interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs ranging from the famous (like Bill Gates) to those just starting out.  I've noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs tend to share the following beliefs:

1. "Entrepreneurs are born not made."

Great entrepreneurs have usually started their first business while they were still in school.  They believe that being an entrepreneur is either in your DNA or it's not. And if it's not, no amount of training or coaching can put it there.

2. "I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable."

Great entrepreneurs have the business acumen to make big money working in a big corporation.  Instead, they prefer to risk failure and financial loss, knowing that they'll be happier building their own.

3. "Courage is more important than security."

Great entrepreneurs think that the obsession that most people have with "security" is a form of collective insanity.  They realize that the only real security is the knowledge that you're brave enough to do what's necessary to win.

4. "I love selling."

Great entrepreneurs are always great salespeople.  They have a knack for understanding what customers, investors and employees need and finding creative ways to satisfy those needs.

5. "I can change the world for the better."

Great entrepreneurs believe that they're capable of creating products and services that not only make money but which improve both the lives their customers and the environments in which they live.

6. "I will succeed...sooner or later."

Great entrepreneurs consider failure as a strictly temporary condition.  While their current endeavor may not pan out, they know they'll keep trying until one of their great ideas catches on.

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