There's no question in my mind that the best business writer alive today is Scott Adams. I say this not just as a business writer but as a fairly rabid reader of business publications.

IMHO, Adams's daily Dilbert strip contains more wisdom than a library of business books, and his business books, notably The Dilbert Principle and The Dilbert Future, should be required reading for MBA programs.

So when Adams says something controversial, I sit up and take notice, because Adams is seriously smart and seriously insightful. He's always seen the obvious things that other people miss or willfully ignore.

For some time, Adams has been predicting that Trump will win the White House in a "landslide." He sees Trump as a marketing genius and what people think is "clown behavior" is actually "pitch perfect persuasion."

Adams believes that people are reacting positively to Trump because they are starved for somebody who will tell the truth and are willing to overlook Trump's "New York" style in order to get it.

Adams also believes that the mainstream media is encouraging violence against Trump and creating an environment where Trump is in danger of being assassinated. Adams puts the chances of an assassination attempt before November at 25 percent. 

I don't know whether Adams is correctly characterizing Trump, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that he's probably right about the landslide, especially if (as looks likely) he runs against Clinton.