I'm often asked what is the number one skill that I would focus on if I want to achieve success in business and in life. My answer is always leadership. 

There is a leader within everyone, and I am obsessed with pulling this out. I've spent the past 15 years as an entrepreneur studying leaders and cultivating leadership traits within myself and the culture of the teams I build. 

Leaders are fearless and they operate despite uncertainty. Early on in my career I learned the lesson that success requires risk. One of my most difficult conversations I've had was when I called up my father and told him I was dropping out of college. He told me if I fail, it was on me to figure it out. The uncertainty of the journey ahead could have crippled me but instead I used it as motivation to find the leader within myself, and this lesson has been invaluable to me.

Throughout my career I have learned to embrace risk and uncertainty, this is what allows me to lead teams and create a culture of leadership. 

2018 is right around the corner. This is your year to step up and take ownership over your dream. To do this requires you to be a leader, for yourself and for others. There are 6 aspects of leadership that will radically transform your business and your life. Implement these today so they already become habit moving in to the new year.

1. Leaders have fearless faith

Fear can paralyze us from taking action, but it's only as powerful as we make it. As an entrepreneur you need to learn how to operate even when you feel fear and uncertainty. 

I have a friend who is a Navy SEAL, and he has taught me many lessons that apply to business and to life. One that stands out the most, is that if we are afraid of a decision, it's likely the one we should be making. Move forward with fearless faith in your vision of what you desire to create and you will unleash the leader within.

2. Leaders have self-discipline

There is a quote from Aristotle that rings true "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit". Some days you won't feel like getting out of bed. You will have setbacks and temporary failures. Despite this short-term discomfort, you need to keep the long-term vision in mind, and your way to get there is through self-discipline. 

What habits can you be more consistent with? What habits do you need to break to rise to your next level? This is how excellence will emerge.

3. Leaders show forgiveness to themselves and others

Business partners will burn you. People will let you down. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you will likely let yourself down.

You must be willing to forgive yourself and those around you. Learn from the mistakes, forgive where necessary, then get back on track with building your legacy.

4. Leaders express gratitude

Early on I was greatly impacted by Tony Robbins quote "success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure". One of the easiest ways in life to feel better and find more fulfillment is by expressing gratitude in what you have, and for what is yet to come. 

Today could be your last day on Earth. Find things in your life, however big or small, to be grateful for, and watch your life and business transform before your eyes. 

5. Leaders have impeccable integrity

When I am hiring and building out my teams there is one thing I look for more than all else, and that is integrity. I need to feel trust in who you are and what you do. The feeling of integrity is mutual. As a leader I must be seen as trustworthy.

Take a step back, look at yourself and your team and ask "how can I express my integrity today"? 

6. Leaders take massive action

You don't need to have everything figured out before you begin. If there is a new project you want to do, take action TODAY! Jump in head first and you will find what to do. One of my mentors early on told me "go as far as you can go, and when you get there, you'll see further". As a leader, you must take massive action, day after day. It will be amazing to see what you create, but you can only create when you take action. 

Start by saying aloud the following statements:

I am a leader. 

I will live out my dreams.

I will not stop in the face of adversity.

I will unleash my leader within.

I will succeed.