There's a lot of talk about finding your passion, doing what you love, and making an impact in the world. 

There's nothing wrong with these statements and I'm glad they are popular. However, there's not enough discussion about how to actually find your purpose and make impact.

That's where Tom Bilyeu comes in.

Tom is the founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition. His current endeavor, Impact Theory, has the mission to "leverage the self-sustaining power of commerce to radically influence global culture." 

Tom is one of my favorite entrepreneurs of all time, and I want to share with you the highlights from my recent interview with him.

You must have a growth mindset.

When Tom grew up, he always heard that he was not showing early signs of promise. If he had maintained a fixed mindset, there is no way he would have accomplished the feats he has accomplished today. 

In Tom's words, "just because you start weak doesn't mean you have to stay weak."

So how did Tom, who described himself as weak, with petty emotions and limiting beliefs, go on to have such massive success? A relentless mindset directed toward growth, learning, and being willing to change.

Everything is your fault.

Tom and I both find that the most successful entrepreneurs we encounter have the attitude "everything is their own fault."

Whether it's true or not is beside the point. To truly build a life of success and happiness, you must see yourself as the cause of the situation you are in.

If you're experiencing results you're not happy with, rather than seeing yourself as the victim, ask yourself, "How did I create this?"

Asking this question puts you in the power position. It forces you to get clear on how you are feeding into the equation that is getting you your current results and it allows you to see new ways to get newer and better results.

Take ownership of the situation, take ownership of your life.

This concept of ownership is so important to me, it's why the word "own" is within Fownders, the social enterprise I started two and a half years ago. 

Any entrepreneur who isn't willing to take ownership of the problems in their business and their life is going to be out of business very soon. Take ownership and see your life transform.

Unaware of your passion? Look for overlaps.

Currently there is a huge trend of "follow your passion" messaging. Tom and I agree with this, following your passion is very important to building a legacy. However, the "follow your passion" message is usually missing the step by step process for how you find your passion.

Tom shared his process with me, and it's simple. Look at your life and see areas of overlap. What do you love to do? Where do you find fulfillment? What energizes you? The overlap between these questions is where you can see your passion.

For Tom, he noticed that he really loved helping people to grow. No matter how many people he helped, he would always get a sense of fulfillment from people reaching out to share their story and how he helped them transform.

Tom also noticed that he loved disruptive ideas, and sharing these ideas on a mass scale.

For these reasons and looking at the overlap, it became clear that Impact Theory was a path for him to build a business that not only sustains him financially but is outrageously rewarding to him.  

Look to moments in your life where you find fulfillment, and what you love to do. Notice where there is overlap, so you can get clear on what it is you truly love to do. 

My favorite quote from our interview encapsulates the entire message, and I encourage you to focus on this until you have your answer: "Find something you would die for, and live for it".