I love having opportunities to meet with successful entrepreneurs that have carved their own path. It serves as a reminder of understanding how they approached making decisions on their path.

Life will be filled with decisions. Every successful entrepreneur I've met has focused on making these decisions from a place of hope and wisdom, not fear

Recently I was given an opportunity to interview Dr. Mona Vand. who I believe is the millennial voice of health and wellness. I was extremely impressed with her story, and the lessons she shared that resonate with all entrepreneurs, no matter where they are in their journey.

Imagine living your journey for six years, then abruptly discovering everything you worked toward was nothing near what you expected. This was the case for Dr. Vand. Rather than accept a life and career that she hated, she channeled her focus and found a new vehicle to express her gift to the world.

1. Do not fear pivots, embrace them.

Dr. Vand was on track to become a pharmacist. After six years in school, she had her first day on the 'real job', and she hated it. 

All of the work for six years, for what? That's where her ability to pivot came in.

She knew something had to change, so she asked herself what was she truly passionate about. Her passion is to help people improve their health and wellness. She thought the vehicle would be as a pharmacist, but realized there were many more options to building a business and brand. She just needed to pivot.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we must be strong-willed and remain focused on our goals. However, when you come to a point of extreme dissatisfaction with your work, you need to ask yourself if there's a way to pivot. Even if you've invested years of time, or millions of dollars, you may need to pivot to find the newer and better path. Do not fear the pivot. Embrace it as an opportunity to re-create your path.

2. Invest in mentorship.

During my time with Dr. Vand, we had the opportunity to sit with one of her mentors, Russell Simmons. It's invaluable to have someone you can speak with who is further down the path than you are. 

During our time together, Russell provided tons of wisdom. Not only was he giving sound business advice, he helped to frame everything she was doing in a higher perspective. He reminded her to love the work as much as the reward, which is something we can easily forget as business owners.

As I reflect back on my career, the times I grew the most rapidly on my path was when I was investing in mentorship.

Take it from me and Dr. Vand, it is vital to your long-term success to invest in mentorship. Having mentors that are further down the path will cut your learning curve immensely and allow you to enjoy the journey even more.

3. Raise your consciousness.

Stop operating on auto pilot.

Be conscious of what you're doing, what you're putting into your body, and how these decisions make you feel.

Dr. Vand reminded me of the importance of being more conscious about what I put in my body and how I feel after it. Your food choice affects not only your energy levels, but your skin, your focus, and how you feel. At the end of the day, it's up to you to care about this, and to make more conscious decisions.

I recently made the decision to try seven days on a vegetarian diet. It was an incredible experience. I never knew just how much energy I could have from the food I eat.

Without having the desire to raise my consciousness and be aware of the food I'm eating, I would have been stuck in my old routines and habits around food. If I would have remained in my less-conscious old routine, this would have robbed me of my current experience, where I'm feeling amazing and have far more energy to work on my self and my businesses. 

I'm not saying you have to become vegetarian or even change your lifestyle. I am advocating for you to bring a higher level of consciousness and intentionality to the decisions you make in your life, because I know it will have a profound impact on your ability to perform create your path.

4. Be interested in your own life.

Don't wait around for someone or something to come in to your life to make it interesting. It's up to you to be interested in your own life.

During our interview, Dr. Vand opened up that she used to believe that her life path consisted of getting her degree as a pharmacist, securing a great paying job, getting married and then having kids. Until she became aware of how unsatisfying this path was, she didn't even consider other paths that would be more interesting to her.

The point of this is that you need to be interested in your own life. Don't give your power away to other people. Build that power up inside you. You can be a fascinating, purpose driven person. It's up to you to be interested in your own life first. Are you?

You can create your life path, and re-create it when necessary. Make your decisions as consciously as possible and invest in mentorship to help in this process. Take it from me and from Dr. Vand, you can absolutely create an interesting path that you love, but the decision is up to you to make.