Companies crafting their content marketing strategy all face the same questions around channels. Should we blog? Should we build a social media presence? Should we launch a podcast? Should we start producing videos?

Each channel is different in the type of audience it reaches, the kind of content you can publish, and the level of investment you need to make in order to produce high quality content.

Of all these channels, though, podcasts posses one unique and powerful feature that none of the other channels has, and that's this: The ability to multitask.

Think about it: What do blog articles, social media posts, and videos have in common? They are all visual media that require the reader or viewer to focus her attention on text or images. And while you might think you can do other tasks while scanning your Instagram feed, scrolling through Facebook, reading a LinkedIn blog post, or watching a viral YouTube video, there really is no match for what you can do while listening to your favorite podcast.

Workout at the gym? Check.

Drive to work? Check.

Cook dinner? Check.

Wash the dishes? Check.

Notwithstanding the potential for getting distracted while listening intently to a conversation that grips your attention--and the possible dangers that could pose--the multitasking feature of podcasts is, you have to admit, pretty unique.

Podcasts give listeners the ability to absorb new ideas and learn new skills, and if they so choose, to listen while they complete other productive tasks.

And that's one powerful reason why, if you're a marketer trying to build your brand, attract an audience, and deliver your message, you should seriously consider producing a podcast.