You know those annoying ads that often appear at the beginning of your favorite podcast? Not everyone thinks they're so annoying after all, says a new survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edison Research.

Of the 1,000 podcast listeners they surveyed, 65 percent said that ads increase their desire to purchase something, while 45 percent said they're more likely to visit an advertiser's website after hearing a commercial.

Another 42 percent said they would be willing to check out a new product or service after hearing an ad, while 37 percent said that podcast ads help them to research brands.

The study also shows that listeners prefer to hear ads delivered during the show by the host--whom they are more likely to like and trust--rather than listen to pre-recorded spots.

A few other findings that work in favor of podcast advertisers: 76 percent of respondents say that listening to podcasts whenever they want to is a very strong reason for listening to them. And another 70 percent of respondents cited the ability to listen to podcasts on demand was important.

While podcasts are still a relatively nascent area for advertisers, the enormous growth in podcast production--and listeners--in recent years is drawing their attention. Citing another survey from Edison Research released this May, The Wall Street Journal reports that about 57 million people, or 21 percent of Americans over the age of 12, listen to a podcast monthly. That figure is up from 17 percent last year.

If you're an advertiser contemplating whether to allocate some of your budget toward podcasts, you should be comforted by these results. And if you're a podcaster trying to monetize your audience--but you're concerned that adding commercials might turn off your listeners--these findings should help you make the decision to bring on sponsors.

So what about the respondents who didn't say podcast ads increase their desire to purchase or consider a new product, or make them want to visit the website of an advertiser? What do they do when they hear an ad in their favorite podcast?

They probably just tap the skip button.