Starting a startup isn't easy. Most startup founders struggle with juggling the myriad of success factors required to get things off the ground. Many new ventures fail.

It all just got a lot easier thanks to Startup with Google.

With one fell swoop, Google just provided proven tools, best practices, and access to a community of mentorship and support to anyone who wants it.

Startup with Google contains 39 practical tools bucketed into categories like Build a Product, Increase Productivity, Get Insights and Analytics, Monetize your Products, and more. Some of these tools include AdMob, Data Studio, Firebase, G Suite, Google Trends, and Webmaster Guide.

On the softer side of building the business, the website includes best practices for leading startups. Like I said in my latest book, The Invisible Advantage, culture can either be the rocket fuel or death knell of an organization. Google's site embraces this sentiment wholeheartedly. Topics like Raise Funds, Understand Your Customers, Hire the Right People, and Lead a Team include videos, case examples, and concrete recommendations for developing successful teams and organizations.

In today's world, it also takes a community to ensure success. That's why Google provides a listing of co-working spaces, accelerator programs, and events that any fledging startup can tap into for support. Examples of co-working spaces include 1871 in Chicago, Galvanize in San Francisco, Grand Circus in Detroit, American Underground in Durham, TechSquare Labs in Atlanta, and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Some accelerators include Matter Ventures in San Francisco, Coalition for Queens in New York City, and Techstars in Boulder.

While innovation inherently requires living with uncertainty, Google just gave the startup community a bit more predictability, at least when it comes to knowing some of the steps to apply during the process of changing the world.