FAST is an approach where you look to ensure that your business or project strategies have a sharp focus, clear accountabilities, utilize a simple approach and that you have transparency into both what's needed to be successful and also into your current performance.

When you have each of the FAST components optimized within your strategy, then you have a FAST Success Strategy, which will give you these five benefits which will set you well on your way to achieving success.

Higher Engagement

When you have great Focus, you can communicate clearly the goals and objectives to your team and explain why it's important. This makes it much easier for teams to become involved and committed. Too many companies lack clarity into what their objectives are which leaves staff nonplused and disengaged. I worked for one company and just after I joined they initiated a massive change program, as a new member of staff it didn't fully understand it or its implications, so I asked one of the VPs to explain it to me. He said, "look it's too complicated to explain, so skip this initiative and join next one."

More Empowerment

FAST promotes holding teams accountable for outcomes and leaving them to decide how they will achieve it. When you take that approach, it allows them to take ownership of both the outcome and the approach to achieving the account come. As General Patton said, "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."

When people are told to just follow a process, if things start to fail, they will stand back and blame the process. When people take ownership, they become empowered to change things, and if they start to fail, then they will adapt the approach as they feel accountable for the success. This increases the likelihood of success.

Excited teams

When you have simple approaches that your teams can understand, it helps to increase their belief that they will be successful. Teams are not afraid of hard work they are afraid of failure, and when they can see how they can be successful, they become excited and put in extra effort to ensure that the success is achieved.

Complexity kills enthusiasm!

Increased Effectiveness

When you have the right focus, progress will be achieved as your team starts to put in their effort. Too often people are focused on the wrong things, which just results in wasted effort, demotivated and burnt out teams. It doesn't matter how hard you work on the wrong job; you will never achieve the desired result.

Improved Efficiency

There is direct correlation be the level of simplicity in an approach and the level of efficiency that can be achieved. Complexity is difficult to manage and even harder to optimize.

Too often I see clients with complex, inefficient processes which they just leave alone because they are afraid to tamper with them because no one fully understands them.

When you can keep your processes and strategies FAST, with clear focus and accountabilities, maximum simplicity and transparency, then your teams will be engaged, excited and empowered, and with their increased effectiveness and efficiency will make rapid performance improvements and quickly achieve the goals.

Are you being FAST?