What I love about empowerment is that it is mutually beneficial.

It's win-win and whenever we can create win-win situations we should take them.

I know a lot of leaders don't like to give away any of their power or control, but what we get back in benefits can far outweigh what we give up.

Here are five reasons why I love to empower team.

I Am Not The Source of All Great Ideas

As much as I hate to admit it, I have not cornered the market in expertise. I don't know everything, and I certainly don't have all of the best answers.  By empowering people and giving them the opportunity to contribute and to solve problems opens us up to the collective knowledge we have which certainly exceeds my own.

In many cases, I have been surprised by the ingenuity of my teams, or their ability to improve on my suggestions, and achieve far superior results.

It Frees Me Up To Work on Bigger Things

When a team is empowered, they take much more ownership and become much more self-sufficient, which reduces their dependence on me as a leader. This, in turn, gives me much more time to work on other things, more strategic or more important things, which then allows me to achieve more and have a bigger impact.

It Makes Me Attractive To Work For

No one likes to work for a micro-manager, and I find that the more I empower my teams and give them the freedom to achieve success in their own way, the happier and more productive they become. This then makes me a much more attractive boss to work for, and I start to attract talented people who are looking for exactly these kinds of opportunity. 

It Generates Better Results, Which Puts Me In Demand

Having a reputation for having happy, successful teams doesn't just make you more attractive to employees; it also makes you more attractive to other companies and clients.  This can lead to bigger and better opportunities being, which you are now in a position to accept as your teams are much more self-sufficient.

It's More Fun

I enjoy my work, but I enjoy it so much more when I get to work in a happy, enthusiastic and successful environment.   

Life is too short for anything else!


When we empower our teams it's not just good for them, it's also very beneficial to us, and that's why I am a very strong proponent of empowerment.