Whether your driving change, chasing new company goals or trying to re-motivate your teams who are struggling to maintain previous performance levels, one thing you could consider is bringing in a motivational speaker.

Now as a motivational speaker I have to say I hate that term, it sounds like we are nothing more than cheerleaders, looking to pump up the company morale with a rousing stirring speech, but there is so much more to motivational speakers than that.

Here are five reasons why you should consider bringing in a motivational speaker for your next company event, or kick-off for a major program.  

Sometimes you can't be a prophet in you're own company

There are many quotes about how difficult it can be to a prophet in your own land and it's exactly the same with companies.  Teams are much more likely to listen to and believe some of the things you want to tell them if they hear them from someone else. When I worked in corporate this was one of the things that I found hard to accept, but I experienced it first hand.  Team members came up to me after a talk and told me what a great idea it was that had been presented. The fact is I had been saying that for months but it had just failed to register with them.

If you have a message you want to get across, then a motivational speaker might just help you achieve it.

Change the Way People See Things

Motivational speakers can often bring a different perspective, turning ideas on their head, presenting them in different ways which can help people see things differently. This can help turn perceived challenges into opportunities or can replace complexity with simpler approaches. Sometimes you can be too close to things, and you need someone to take that step back and help you see the forest as well as the trees.

New ideas and techniques

Thinking advances all the time, and motivational speakers can help you keep abreast of the latest ideas or any new techniques which may have been developed.  This can help keep companies from becoming static because of stagnant thinking.

Energy and Inspiration

A great motivational speaker can really help bring energy and inspiration to a jaded organization. This can be by helping create believe in their abilities, helping them see how they can be successful, or it could just be by bringing some fun and enjoyment back into the workplace.

Investing in your employees shows you are serious about them

Teaching new techniques, sharing the latest thinking and looking to motivate your employees is a great investment in your people, and when you invest you show your teams that you care about them and their career development.  Which are two of the top requirements that teams have of their leaders, which not only benefits them but motivates them too.

So if you want to inject some new ideas, or inspiration into your teams consider using a motivational speaker at your next team event or strategy conference. Not only can they help you get your message across, boost motivation, change their way of thinking and leave them feeling energized and inspired. They can do this with just one good talk, which is a great return on investment of both money, and more importantly time.