Leadership is all about influence, the more influence we have, the better the leader we can be and better leadership leads to better results.

There are 5 sources of influence and in order to maximize our influence we need to be sure that we are utilizing all of them to our  best of our advantage.


The five sources of influence are: 

  • Position
  • Expertise
  • Network
  • Character 
  • Success

Every position, whether it's the CEO, Department Manager or Team Leader, they all come with a  degree of influence attached, but it's how we wield that influence that determines how effective we can be.  Don't be too heavy-handed, everyone knows your in charge and reminding them daily will only reduce your influence.

Knowledge and expertise are great sources of influence; they are probably a key part of the reason we got the job, but we need to make sure we keep looking to improve them. The more knowledge we have, the more we will be able to influence decisions.

Our networks are often full of valuable skilled resources who will be able to help out, but our ability to call on these will be impacted by the quality of the relationship we have with them. The stronger the relationship, the more accessible the resource will be. 

Our ability to influence is directly impacted by the level of trust and respect we have with our teams and our peers. It doesn't matter what your job title is, if you are lacking in these two areas, your influence will be significantly reduced. To build trust and respect, and consequently influence, we need to act with integrity and authenticity.

Everyone wants to be part of a winning team, and if we share the credit with our teams and make them a big part of the success they will be very keen to work with us again, and the ability to attract successful resources is great way to increase influence.

Performing well in any of these areas will help to boost influence, but it's only when we are doing well in all five that we will achieve our full influence potential.

For me, it's the area of networking were most improvement could be made, I do have an excellent network, but sometimes I lack the confidence to call upon it, which damages my influence.

Which of these areas do you feel that you perform well in, and which areas do you feel that you need to improve? Please leave a comment as I would be very interested to know.