31% of employees left their company in the last three years to take up a new position. Understanding what they were looking for in their new role might give you insights in what your company needs to do to attract or retain top talents.

According to Gallup Research here are five things people are looking for in their next job.

The opportunity to do what they do best

60% of people said being able to do what they do best was very important for them in their role. When employees are placed in roles which are not a good fit for their skills it can often lead to boredom and restlessness. People feel that they are being wasted and are not in a position to do their best work, when their skills are under utilized.

They also want to be coached in their areas of strength to allow them to reach their full potential

During the interview process, you need to be clear about what are the strengths that you are looking for in candidates and how you will help them develop.

Better work-life balance and personal well-being

While work is important, it's not the be all and end all of existence; people want to enjoy their lives too. 53% of people said that a good work-life balance and a better well-being is very important to them.

A good work-life balance includes flexible working schedules and the ability to work remotely. A Gallup study relating to employee benefits and perks showed that 37% of people would consider switch jobs for a role that allowed them to work remotely, while over 51% would be attracted to a role which offered flexible working hours.

While some roles require people to be in attendance full time, companies need to be open to flexible working arrangements. Companies who insist on employees being in full attendance, when it's not really needed, are only going to build up resentment and push employees closer to the exit.

Job stability and security

51% of both Millennials and Gen Xers are looking for stability and security in their roles. They want to work for companies that they believe in, and for whom they can see contributing for in the future. They are looking for opportunities to develop their careers and grow with the company.

Being able to do what you do best, developing your skills and being part of a growing company all help to make employees feel secure.

Opportunity to work for a company with a great brand or reputation

Given 92 percent of Millennials believe that business is more than just profit should measure business success, it should come as no surprise that working for a company with great brand and reputation is a factor when looking for a new role. Employees want to be proud of the companies that they work for, and they would like to work for companies that are aligned with their values.

More money.

It might not be the first reason or the most important reason as to why people look to change roles, but it is a factor. It's great to do interesting work for a great company, but people want to be well rewarded too. 41 percent of people said that more money was important when they were considering a new opportunity. As their skills and contribution grow, people expect their salaries grow too.

As the war for talent continues to increase understanding what employees are looking for can help you better position your company to attract the best. Even better it can also give you the insights int what you need to be doing to retain your own valuable employees.