If you're running an online business, then you need to be looking at using Facebook ads to either make sales or drive traffic to your website.

One of the challenges with Facebook adverts is that while it is very powerful, it can also feel quite complex and daunting.

Recently I discussed with Facebook advertising expert Deepak V. Maddila to get his top five tips to use when creating Facebook adverts and here's what he had to say.

1. Use Facebook Pixel to leverage the true Power of Facebook Advertising

I see countless people getting worried, even get scared when I talk about Facebook Pixel thinking that it's some complicated stuff.

But in reality, it's just a piece of code that you need to paste on your website so that Facebook can track actions like 'Add to Cart,' 'Purchases,' 'Signup (Lead),' etc., that people are taking on your website."

This helps Facebook to show your ads to people who most likely would take similar actions on your website. Facebook knows a lot about us, and using this information Facebooks knows who exactly will be interested in your ad depending on the previous visitors of your website.

By using the Facebook Pixel, you are literally using their AI to drive more revenue to your business. How cool is that!

2. Use 1-min videos and boost them strategically to hit your goals

2017 is the year of video. If you are not leveraging video then you're missing out on a great opportunity. It doesn't have to be that expensive either, I learned from one of my mentors Dennis Yu who uses 1-min videos and boosts them with 1$ per day, strategically to reach campaign goals.

3. Retargeting

You can retarget your adverts on Facebook using "Custom Audiences" and this usually generates the best Return On Investment.

Custom Audiences can be created based on the people who are website visitors or people who have taken a certain action on your website. New options have been rolled out like people who have engaged with your Facebook page by watching a video, 25% of the video, 50% of the video, etc.,

As Facebook Pixel records all these visitors and their actions on your website, you can create a Custom Audience and target only those people who have taken action to show your ads.

4. Use Lookalike audiences

This is the coolest feature of Facebook Advertising.

When you create this audience, Facebook will find the target audience for you!

Let me explain, so when you get all these visitors who are taking action on your website, and you create Custom Audience out of them, then Facebook studies the people in that Custom Audience and creates an audience called Lookalike Audience who are very much similar to the people in that Custom Audience. (Remember I told you Facebook knows everything about us! This is how they use that information.)

You can even choose your page instead of a custom audience and create a Lookalike Audience based on that.

This will create a Lookalike similar to the people who have already interacted, liked or follow your page.

These lookalike audiences are large in number (above 2million) and can be very effective in Scaling your Ads.

5. Kill the Losers, Scale the Winners

Facebook has pretty cool reporting features. You can see which Age Group, Gender, Location, Placement (Facebook/Instagram/Audience Network), Feed (Mobile/Desktop) are converting by studying your ad performance. You can then remove the adverts that aren't converting well and scale the ones that do. Remember - Split Testing is always the KING!

If you're looking to run Facebook Adverts, then be sure to take advantage of these five tips to maximize your ROI.