Employee engagement should be every leaders number one priority because when you have an engaged, highly motivated team then everything becomes that much easier and it helps to achieve amazing results and drive customer satisfaction.

With employee engagement lagging at less than a 33 percent in the US it's clear that there is a lot of room for improvement in this area.

We shouldn't look to overcomplicate this, it doesn't always need to a major program, we can significantly increase engagement by following these 65 simple tips:

1.     Keep Your Team Informed

2.     Set Clear Goals and Expectations

3.     Don't Bullshit

4.     Be Authentic

5.     Don't Sugar Coat Unpleasant Assignment

6.     Be Consistent

7.     Be Complimentary

8.     Be Patient

9.     Set a Good Example

10.  Ask for Input

11.  Show You Care

12.  Reward Creativity

13.  Challenge Them By Give Them Challenging Assignments

14.  Offer training

15.  Discuss Their Career Goals

16.  Give Them Opportunities to Shine

17.  Don't Micromanage

18.  Give Constructive Feedback Rather Than Constructive Criticism

19.  Offer Help

20.  Be Humble

21.  Give rewards and recognition freely

22.  Encourage Worklife Balance

23.  Be Transparent and Explain Decisions

24.  Involve Them In Decision Making

25.  Promote engaging managers

26.  Give Credit

27.  Be Generous With Your Time

28.  Create an Environment You'd Want to Work In

29.  Keep Meetings to a Minimum

30.  Be Seen

31.  Listen

32.  Have fun

33.  Give the work meaning, a sense of purpose

34.  Don't overload people, set them up for success

35.  Delegate interesting work

36.  Empower people

37.  Smile

38.  Make Every Encounter an Opportunity to Inspire People

39.  Share Power

40.  Reduce control

41.  Encourage collaboration and cooperation, rather than competition

42.  Act as a mentor

43.  Play to peoples strengths

44.  Be a Boss You'd want to work for

45.  Ask Questions

46.  Celebrate Birthday and Anniversaries

47.  Be Non-Judgemental

48.  Use Influence not Power

49.  Say Thank You

50.  Ask, Don't Command

51.  Apologise For Your Mistakes

52.  Be Flexible

53.  Be supportive of mistake and failure

54.  Focus on solutions, not who's to blame

55.  Be Accountable

56.  Promote From within where possible

57.  Be realistic

58.  Celebrate success

59.  Let your team decide on the rewards they want

60.  Encourage the teams to recognise each other

61.  Be Inclusive

62.  Be Open To Different Ways of Doing Things

63.  Be Engaged

64.  Be on First Name Terms

65.  Be Happy

Many of these habits cost little to nothing to implement but the return on investment can be very high.

What habits are you going to adopt to drive help engage your employees?