bAs a big fan of Game of Thrones, I was excited to see the long awaited season 7 opener yesterday. There is so much to love about Game of Thrones, from the characters, the plots, to the acting, all of which makes it is one of my favorite TV series of all time. But I think the best things that come from Game of Thrones are the lessons that we can learn and apply in business. Game of Thrones teaches you things that you might not learn on an MBA course, here are seven lessons you can apply in business that I have learned from the Season 7 Opener.

Fortunes can change very, very quickly

For both John Snow and Cersei Lannister things have been a roller coaster over the last two seasons from death, either their own or that of their immediate family members, and imprisonment, to back to becoming King of the North and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of a ride, and you need to be prepared for the big highs and deep lows, both from a management perspective and also from a personal perspective, if you're not, it can have damaging consequence.

No one can do it on their own

When you are surrounded and are facing multiple challenges, it can be suicide to go it alone. It's not a sign of weakness to get or to ask for help, especially in areas where you are not particularly strong.

Be careful who you partner with

While it's true that no one can do it alone, you do need to make sure that you get the right partner. One who is aligned with your goals and objectives and not one who is just looking to profit, potentially, at your expense.

Littlefinger has created alliances with many people and the only person to profit from any of these has been him.

Desperation can force us into the wrong partnerships, but we need to look at the long term, not just the short term need.

Don't fight on too many fronts

When you fight on too many fronts, it can stretch your resources too thin, and it can cause you to over extend and create an even worse situation for yourself.

It also increases stress and reduces the morale of your troops. People are not afraid of hard work they are afraid of failure, and when you are fighting on too many fronts, it can be difficult for them to see how they will succeed.

Prioritize the challenges that you face

There will always be lots of challenges and opportunities, and you need to be able to assess them and identify which are best or the biggest threat. Jon Snow knows that he faces a threat from Lannisters in the South, but knows and understands that the bigger and more immediate threat comes from the North.

When you can prioritize the threats and opportunities correctly, it allows you to deploy your resources so as to maximize the outcomes in your favor.

With the right tools, even a small player can achieve big things

You don't always need a massive army to achieve your goals; I don't want to say more as it will give away a bit of the plot, and I don't want to do that.

But just look at Uber, with the right use of the right tool someone who would have been considered a small player has come to dominate their market.

Do you know what your best tools are and are you using them to maximum effect?

Don't forget the data

Data on its own is just data, but when you have the right people searching through it, knowing what they are looking for, then it can become knowledge and knowledge gives us power.

The challenge can be finding the right people to search through the data and to find that valuable information.

What I love most about Game of Thrones is that it doesn't just teach great lessons but that it gives great examples of what can happen when these lessons are learned, or even worse ignored.

If you're not a fan of the show then you are missing out on some great learning opportunities.