Peter Drucker says "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."

To be a good boss we need to have both leadership and management skills, in order to lead our teams to achieve great results.

Of the two, management is probably the area where we get most training, and it's the one that comes easier to most people. This is because management is a process, it's about following up and checking on whether tasks have been completed or not.

That's not to say it easy, but it is easier than leadership.

Leadership requires us to inspire and motivate our teams, to get them excited about the goals that we're aiming for, building their belief and enthusiasm.

Leadership is all about people, and people can be difficult, and not only that but an approach that works with one, may not work with another. Leadership can require us to have multiple approaches that we use depending on who we are dealing with and the current situation.

Here's a great infographic that asks some simple questions which might guide you on where you need to focus your personal development, and it also provides five simple tips you can use to improve your leadership.

1 Gain Clarity On Your Teams Objectives

It's difficult to lead successfully if you don't know where you are going. By clarifying the targets, it allows your team to improve their aim and chances of hitting the,

2 Get Feedback From Your Team

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, so ask your team how you are doing, ask them if they understand the goals and objectives, ask them if have everything they need.

3 Review Your Actions

Take a look at how you are doing, understand what worked well, what didn't and then look to improve. Leadership is a journey of continuous improvement. No one ever started out as a great leader; great leadership is developed over time.

4 Get Out Of Their Way

Once you have set the direction for the team, stand back and give them the chance to impress you. Very few teams perform well when their manager is constantly standing over their shoulder, and certainly, do not fall into the trap of micromanagement as that is a leadership killer.

5 Recognize Their Success

We all crave recognition, and there are few things that motivate teams for than praise. So make sure you give praise on a team and also an individual level to encourage your team to keep on improving and delivering great results.

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Thanks to Neomam Studios for suggesting this infographic and the original source and article can be found at Headway Capital.