With just one needed by the Golden State Warriors, to breaks Chicago's record of 72 regular seasons wins, they stand on the edge of greatness.

Last season the Warriors were very good, but this season they have been great, and for anyone looking to go from good to great the Warriors are a great blueprint to follow. They share many of the characteristics of successful start-ups and here are five things that have been crucial to their success.  

Dare to be different

In a sport dominated by big men, Golden State plays small, with speed and accuracy as their main weapons rather than power and size. They are not the first team to try this, but with the emergence of Steph Curry as the most successful 3 point shooter, they have taken the game in a whole different direction. A direction which saw them comfortably win the NBA Championship last year.

Don't follow the markets. Either create the markets or disrupt the markets.

Ignore Your Doubters

There is a vast army of critics, including commentators, ex-players and even opponents that say the Warriors were lucky with injuries, both a lack of their own and injuries to key opponents, which helped them to with the title. There are also those who say that small ball is not sustainable as an approach and three point shooting is a risky approach to winning basketball games.

But the Warriors have ignored these naysayers and are not only sticking to the formula which has proven so successful, but they are improving it. Steph Curry has smashed the full season record for shooting 3 pointers, which he held with 24 games still to play. With one regular season game left only needs to score eight 3-pointers to score 400 in a single season, which is a whopping 36 percent increase on the previous record.

Don't hear the words can't, or it will never work. Have belief that you will be successful.

Strive to be the Best

Golden State has set the bar high, and after a great start to the season, the team made no secret of their goal to beat the Chicago Bulls record in 72 wins in a season. In most sports, players and coaches often talk about taking it one game at a time, and that winning the championship is the goal.

Not the Warriors, they not only want to win the championship, but they want to do it in style, breaking the record for the most wins in a season, and now with one win to go, there are very few that doubt their ability to do just that.

Always look to push the envelope. Seek new and better ways to do things.

Focus on Teamwork

While Steph Curry is the undoubted star of the team and will probably be named the NBA MVP, this isn't a one-man show. The Warriors are a team that is full of players that respect each other, who recognize the talent of other players, sharing the load and working hard to find the best opening, not just the best player.  

Know that teamwork makes the dream work.


While the Warriors are without doubt one of the most exciting teams to watch, because of their fast-paced, free-scoring offense, they also know how to grind out wins when the going gets tough.

It hasn't all been easy games either, this weekend they had to defeat the Spurs who were looking to go undefeated at home this season and who had won their last 48 home games, and a team that they had not beaten in San Antonio in nearly two decades.  It mattered not, the Warriors are a team on a mission, they are determined to make history and not look at history.

It takes a lot of hard work, grit and determination to be recognized as an overnight success. Often you need to be prepared to do things that others wouldn't in order to be successful.

If you want to take your business to new heights, then why not follow the Warriors' entreprenuerial path: Challenge traditional approaches; don't listen to the competition or naysayers; set bold goals and strive to be the best, focus on teamwork, and be determined to stay the course.