As we start 2018 no doubt many people will be thinking about setting their goals for 2018.

Some of you will set modest goals, some will stretch goals and some of you will even set big bold goals that will look to catapult your businesses in the coming year.

Personally I have always been a fan of big bold goals, yes they're challenging but they are also exciting and inspiring.

I always thought I understood what big bold goals were and how to set them, and also how to achieve them.

But I was wrong!

Over the Holiday Season I had the chance to see a very inspiring movie called L'Ascension (The Climb) which challenged just about everything I have thought of when it comes to setting big bold goals, and what is truly possible.

L'Ascension tells the true story of Nadir Dendoune, a French Algerian who had never set foot on a mountain before he decided to set the goal of climbing Mount Everest.

Yes, that's right Mount Everest. The world's tallest mountain, it's over 29,000 feet high, at the summit it can experience 200 mph winds, and temperatures of -31F.

Now you might be thinking, yes that is a bold goal but with plenty of preparation, training and acclimatization it could be achievable, And yes I guess you're right as over 4000 people have climbed Everest since Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing first climbed it back in 1953.

But that's not the approach that Nadir took.

With no expertise or experience Nadir set off for Nepal. He faked his resume claiming that he had climbed Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro and that he was in fact an experienced mountaineer in order to get accepted. However, in reality he had zero experience or expertise and had never been on a mountain before, and certainly not one as treacherous as Mount Everest.

Yet armed with just Passion, Commitment and Perseverance four months later he reached the summit of Everest.

When it came to setting bold goals, I had always thought that Passion, Commitment and Perseverance were needed, but so was some experience or expertise.

But looking at it now it's clear that this is just another limitation that we put on ourselves.

Another barrier that we build between what we believe is possible and what is actually possible.

Now I am not suggesting that you set a goal of climbing Mount Everest, but I do think that maybe we can be a little bit more adventurous, a little more aggressive when it comes to setting your goals for 2018.

Nadir's achievement has not just raised the bar on what's possible, it's removed it altogether.

I know that my goals for 2018 will now be significantly bigger and bolder than I was planning and that I will try and remove any limitation I put on myself.

But what about you, what goals will you set for 2018 for you and your business now that possible has been  redefined?