I spent three years at University studying Mathematics, and while it helped me develop some great skills, less than 5 percent of what I learned has ever been used in my day to day work.

Yet sales, something which I am pretty much involved in every single day, either directly or indirectly, I have not had any training in at all.

I have attended project management training, leadership training, computer systems training, language training, management training, speaker training, communication training, difficult conversion training and even several courses on corporate compliance.

In fact, I would say that throughout my career I have probably have had over 50 weeks of training, nearly a full year if not more, and yet not one hour of that training has been on sales, or even was even sales related.

And it's not just me, none of my colleagues that worked in the same departments had any sales training.

It's as if sales training is reserved only for salespeople,

However, the importance of sales training has really hit me hard in recent years, partly from running my coaching and consulting business, but also from getting a deeper understanding of what sales is really about, and how it can help us in so many other areas of business.

As a leader within IT, I might not have been selling products to the end customer, but I was always selling ideas, always trying to get the buy-in of my teams into the vision for the department or a project.
I was doing sales when I was putting together business cases for new systems or infrastructure and anytime that I did a presentation, and so was everyone else.

Harvey Mackay says "To me, job titles don't matter. Everyone is in sales. It's the only way we stay in business" and I completely agree with this statement.

We are all involved in sales, either directly or indirectly with end customers, or as part of our leadership and management roles.

I believe that every member of staff should receive sales training, even if they are not front lines sales staff, and definitely, if they are in leadership or management positions.

With employee engagement levels languishing around 30 percent, meaning that 70 percent of staff are either disengaged or actively disengaged, I am sure that a little bit of understanding of the sales process, how people make decisions, would definitely help increase engagement.

Without sales, a business suffocate.

Imagine how a business might thrive if you could create a sales culture within your entire organization, one where everyone understood the sales and thought about sales, one where they knew how difficult it was to attract new clients and the importance of retaining existing ones.

I know for myself that if I ever start another business, then everyone in that business will receive training in sales.

No matter what your role, I believe sales training will help add value, it will help improve your performance, and also help you to better enable the sales process, which will help lead to more sales.

And in business the goal is more sales.