Mark Zuckerberg has become iconic for founding the social networking giant, Facebook, but also for his signature wardrobe piece: the hoodie. Google lists in its manifesto that "You can be serious without a suit."

Silicon Valley's embrace of dressed down attire, at this point, has become rote. But it's hardly set in stone--and some pockets of the business world suggest it's high time for a makeover. 

Canadian Business magazine argued this week that business casual has become too casual. The post cites a striking fashion juxtaposition between Dragons' Den (Canada's version of Shark Tank) star Michael Wekerle and Shopify technology executive Harley Finkelstein, at a recent growth summit. 

Neither Wekerle (dressed to the nines in a tailored black jacket) nor Finkelstein (in a T-shirt and jeans), fit the traditional mold of what a successful business person is supposed to look like. Though, Finkelstein is pretty close.

Sneakers, hoodies, jeans and messenger bags have indeed become the hallmarks of San Francisco and the startup continuum. "In large swaths of the tech industry," says the article, "every day has been Casual Friday for the past two decades." 

But just because you look the part, it doesn't put you on the level of Steve Jobs or Larry Page. What would put you there? Success. 

Until then, be leery about taking too many libertities with your wardrobe. "Show up in shower sandals if you like," warns Canadian Business. "But know that unless your idea is inspired, or your track record is flawless, you'll be laughed out of the boardroom."