How frequently does the monologue in your head get in the way of your productivity? Chances are, this 'mental chatter,' as former Columbia Business School professor Srikumar Rao calls it, is going non-stop from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep at night. 

This non-stop dialogue can be helpful, especially when new ideas are involved. But it can also be a hindrance if left to spiral uncontrollably. "These are just thoughts in your head," says Rao, "When you realize that it only exists between your ears, you'll find that these thoughts no longer have the power to bring you down." 

By monitoring your mental chatter and learning from your personal doubts and insecurities, you can harness your brain's background noise and turn it into something useful. To learn more about mental chatter and how to harness it, watch the Inc. Live video below: