Our online identities are a reflection of ourselves that can be easily misconstrued. A tweet, status update or any other post is effectively permanent until it’s deleted.

Mark Cuban wants to change that.

“People are beginning to realize that our privacy is effectively disintegrating,” says the well-known Shark Tank judge and Dallas Mavericks owner. “It’s going to put Minority Report and every other Sci-Fi movie to shame.”

Cuban is currently working on two projects--called CyberDust and Xpire--to help users control information about themselves once it has left their possession.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but with a text message, the other 995 can be written by anyone. When you send somebody a message on CyberDust, 30 seconds after they open it, the message disappears.”

To learn more about what Mark Cuban is doing to protect data-privacy, check out the video below.