Despite higher unemployment levels than the rest of the population, millennials are poised to take over the workplace.

A study released today by consulting firm Millennial Branding in conjunction with Elance-oDesk, an online workplace for freelancers, says that millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce by 2015. 

The study called "The 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce" found that hiring managers are increasingly favoring millennial candidates over older, Generation X candidates, for these three reasons:

Tech Skills. It's no secret that technology rules the workplace. Eighty-two percent of hiring managers surveyed feel that millennials are technology-adept. "Hiring managers are prioritizing hard skills over personality," the study notes. More than half of respondents say they focus more on hard skills when hiring.

Ambition. Millennials are brimming with enthusiasm, and they're ambitious. More than two thirds of millennials see themselves in managerial roles within the next 10 years, according to the study. 

Quick Study. Sixty percent of hiring managers say millennials pick up new skills quicker than their older counterparts. That can help you stay ahead of the competition as technology evolves.

So how do you find this in-demand worker? Provide an environment in which they'll thrive. This generation craves flexibility in their careers. That's why many of them will end up freelancing, says the report. What's more, nearly 80 percent would even consider quitting their regular job to work for themselves.  

To see more of the study's results and more reasons why you might hire millennials, check out this infographic:

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