Wars are not cheap. While the U.S. is escalating its efforts in the Middle East, many members of the Inc. 5000 are reaping the benefits of catering to the world's biggest buyer of military equipment and services, the U.S. Department of Defense.

In 2013, these 10 small businesses made $189.7 million in revenue. Below are this year's top defense contractors:

10. Metis Solutions

Mary Beth Long is the first-ever Senate-confirmed female Assistant Secretary of Defense, and her company, the Alexandria, Va.-based Metis Solutions, is the first of three women-led companies on this list. The company provides strategy and policy support to both military and corporate clients around the globe. With a three-year growth rate of 2,171 percent and a 2013 revenue of $8.7 million, Metis Solutions is ranked 201 on this year's Inc. 5000.

9. Aegis Corps

Led by the only Hispanic female CEO on our list, Maricarmen Acura, Chantilly, Va.-based Aegis Corps designs, manufactures, and installs security systems for federal agencies, including the Department of Defense. Aegis boasts a 2013 revenue of $2.9 million and a three-year growth rate of 2,208 percent. 

8. Marathon TS

Kilmarnock, Va.-based Marathon TS has an impressive three-year growth rate of 2,508 percent and a 2013 revenue of $6.8 million. Marathon, which provides IT, strategy, and mission support services to government agencies, is led by the third female CEO on our list, Pamela Siek, and is ranked number 163 on this year's Inc. 5000

7. Incredible Supply and Logistics

Between 2010 and 2013, Virginia Beach, Va.-based Incredible Supply and Logistics' revenue increased by 2,551 percent, from $280,000 to $7.4 million. The company provides hardware and logistics services to the DOD, as well as other federal and state agencies. Incredible is led by CEO Chris Faison.

6. Loyal Source Government

With headquarters in Orlando, Florida, Loyal Source Government is number 134 on this year's Inc. 5000. In three years, its revenue increased 2,754 percent, from $2 million in 2010 to $56 million in 2013. Loyal Source Government provides both health care and IT engineering solutions to multiple branches of the U.S. military.

5. Securityhunter

The only defense contractor amid this top 10 list to make the Inc. 5000 on four different occasions is Baltimore-based Securityhunter, which works with the U.S. military and other defense agencies to provide physical and electronic security systems. In 2013, Securityhunter's revenue was $35.9 million, up 2,998 percent since 2010.

4. Patriot Group International

Founded in 2005 by former special operations professionals, Warrenton, Va.-based Patriot Group International provides expeditionary mission support, training, and technical services to clients in the intelligence, defense, and private sectors. Under the leadership of Greg Craddock, their 2013 income was $24.1 million, an increase of 3,402 percent in the last three years.

3. Gideon Services

Gideon Services, based in Huntsville, Ala., is led by CEO Stephen Gunn. Gideon seeks to provide technical, supply, and logistics support services to military and government customers. It boasts a three-year growth rate of 4,723 percent and 2013 revenue of $23.3 million.  

2. Thompson Gray

This top defense contractor makes its second appearance on the Inc. 5000 at number 43. Led by CEO Ron Gray, Thompson Gray provides services including financial management and acquisition services. Founded in 2008, it has a three-year growth rate of 5,753 percent. In 2013, its revenue was $14.1 million.

1. Pontchartrain Partners

New Orleans-based Pontchartrain Partners was originally founded to help rebuild New Orleans' flood protection system following Hurricane Katrina. Its 2013 revenue of $10.5 million and a three-year growth rate of 6,535 percent have earned Pontchartrain Partners top-honors on Inc.'s defense contractors list. On the Inc. 5000 overall, the company landed at number 38. Pontchartrain Partners is led by President and COO Tim Jarquin.